Guy Gets Sir Mix-A-Lot's Old # And Lots Of Phat Bottomed Bikini Pics Come His Way

By HHL Editors

Right after getting his new Seattle cellphone number in 2012, Jonathan Nichols started getting strange texts.

Some of them wanted him to listen to music. Some invited him for free to shows. Others wanted him to come into the dealership and check out a luxury vehicle. And there were a lot of photos of big butted girls in bikinis.

On August 12, his phone blow up with birthday wishes and more references to phat bottoms. With a little Googling, he figured it out. The "Anthony" being wished a happy b-day was Anthony Ray, the real name of Sir Mix-A-Lot, who was born on August 12, 1963.

Nichols had gotten the 'Baby Got Back' rapper's old phone number. (His local, not 1-800 Mix-A-Lot.)

In a cruel twist, Nichols is gay, so he can't really appreciate all the shapely women who are trying to audition for Mix.

The Seattle Times tracked Mix-A-Lot down and told them about Nichols and his plight.

"Tell him any really sexy pictures — little in the middle, and if she’s got much back — give them the new number," Mix said with a laugh, then paused. "But not the car dealerships."
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