Gucci Mane's Baby Mama Is Trying To Get Him Locked Up


 Sheena Evans is the mother to Gucci Mane's 11-year old son Keitheon

She wants Gucci locked up for failing to pay her court-ordered legal fees.

According to documents obtained by The Blast, Gucci was ordered to pay $2,495 to cover Evan's attorney’s fees but hasn't done so.

“Not only has the Respondent demonstrated that he has no concern for the authority of this Court,” Evans’ attorney writes, “or for the deadlines set by this Court, Respondent has also exhibited an alarming disregard of the consequences of his contemptuous behavior. He could care less.”

For his lack of care, Evans's legal team suggests that G-Wop is incarcerated until he “purges himself of his contempt.” 

The dispute is part of an ongoing fight between Evans and Gucci over the child support he pays for Keitheon. It's currently $2,076 per month, per an agreement they reached in 2011. However, Evans argues that Gucci's income has raised substantially since then and now wants $20K a month.

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