Gucci Mane Speaks On Slimming Down To Model Size

By HHL Editors

Gucci Mane's post prison appearance had everybody shook.

The 36-year old had lost so much weight in the pen that rumors of him being a clone impostor began swirling.

(This never made a lot of sense: Why wouldn't they have just cloned fat Gucci?)

Anyway, losing 75 pounds does more than just spark ridicolous conspiracy theories.

As Guwop told Vogue magazine, now he can be a regular fashion plate.

I’ve always been really into fashion and clothes. I’ve always liked Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Hugo Boss, and just anything dope that catches my eye. Before I was incarcerated, I had gotten so overweight that I couldn’t fit into any of the clothes I wanted to wear. So with the time I was away, I decided I was going to lose weight so I could be able to wear all the brands that I really like. I’ve always liked a real classy look. I love colors, I love fabrics, and I love anything that’s well made and put together with class. I like my clothes more fitted now—my style has kind of matured and evolved. I’m embracing being 36 years old; I’m so comfortable with it and I think it’s just a part of my fashion direction now
Let's just call it the Young Thug diet.

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