Gucci Mane Describes The Horrors Of Drying Up From Lean

By HHL Editors

Gucci Mane has been a different man since he got out of prison.

It's something he credits to kicking his lean addiction while locked up.

During an appearance on ESPN's Highly Questionable, Gucci explained the horror of drying out.

"The worst feeling in the world," is how Gucci described the detox. "It tears your body down, it tears your mind down. When you've been doing something for so long, it's kind of like food. It's like starving. It's indescribable."
As hard as it was to kick, it couldn't have been more worth it because it saved his life.

“Yes, 100 percent. I’m blessed man, to even be here today,” Gucci said when asked if his lean addiction would have killed him.
Check out a highly illuminating interview below.

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