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Gucci Mane Addresses Drug Addiction On 'No Sleep'

By HHL Editors

When Gucci Mane got of prison he looked like a new man.

Part of the physical change came from Guwop kicking his drug habit when he was locked up.

He reminisced about his more hazy days in the track 'No Sleep', which will be the intro to his album Everybody Looking.

Sold my first 8-ball and bought me my first pair of J’s/Momma cussing out these disrespectful ass J’s/They knocking on the door, know I’m just in the 7th grade/I’m mixing codeine pills and molly in a lemonade/I’m feel like brisket so damn high, might just die any day/For all you junkies that’s addicted, please don’t get offended/I’m a recovering drug addict and that’s not my intention, Gucci raps.
Everybody Looking is scheduled to drop July 22. But it could come earlier if Gucci accumulates 3 million Instagram followers.

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