Government Issued Marijuana Really Sucks

By HHL Editors

One would think that all the recent marijuana legalization would have improved the quality of  government issued weed.

But that couldn't be further from the truth.

Since the 1960s, it's been mandated that all marijuana used in research has to come through the federal government.

Apparently that government weed -- which is used primarily for research -- is no longer anywhere as good as what you can get in the commercial market.

“It doesn’t resemble cannabis. It doesn’t smell like cannabis,” explained Sue Sisley, who studies marijuana's efficiency treating vets with PTSD.
Sisley's testing found that government weed is only 8 percent TCH, whereas legal pot in Colorado tested at around 19 percent.

“In two decades of smoking weed, I’ve never seen anything that looks like that,” The Denver Post's Cannabis critic Jake Browne said of the government weed. “People typically smoke the flower of the plant, but here you can clearly see stems and leaves in there as well, parts that should be discarded. Inhaling that would be like eating an apple, including the seeds inside it and the branch it grew on.”
Cannabis critic for the Denver Post. That's going to be a lot of folks' new career goal.

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