Gonzoe Says He'll Squash Beef With Wack 100 After They Brawl

By Daryl Nelson

Gonzoe and Wack 100 have been beefing for the past couple of weeks, but the West Coast rapper said he'll squash things on one condition.

"All you gotta do is apologize to Pac for the culture," said Gonzoe on the Murder Master Music Show. "You never have to like me. Anything we gonna do personally, we gonna shake anyway. I ain't talking about shake hands. I'm talking about when you see me a fight's coming along with that, even if we do shake hands afterwards. You gotta see me. Win, lose or draw. Period. Two, my mama, she done shot and stabbed more motherfuckers than you have in L.A. Everybody knows who my mama is. If you want to play with her, you do it at your own risk."
Wack hasn't responded yet, but he mostly likely will. Who do you think would win in a fight between Wack and Gonzoe? You can listen to Gonzoe's interview below.

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