Glenn Rice Jr. Shot; Found With 1/2 Lbs Weed After Gunfight At T.I.'s Restaurant

By HHL Editors

Last night we got news that a man was shot outside of T.I.'s Atlanta restaurant, Scales 925, after an altercation.

It turns out he has a pretty familiar name. TMZ is reporting that the man who took one in the leg yesterday is Glenn Rice Jr, son of former NBA star Glenn Rice and a pretty decent baller himself.

After he was shot, surveillance video shows Rice ditching his own gun in a stairwell and getting picked up in his friend Porsche.

The Porsche was eventually pulled over, and Rice was found in possession of almost a half a pound of marijuana and 6K in cash. With his leg bleeding, he was arrested for reckless conduct and possession of weed.

Rice played in the D-League and for the NBA's Washington Wizards during the 2014-2015 season . He isn't currently on a professional roster, and is said to have been weighing his options at home and overseas.

While it certainly looks like Rice was trying to supplement his income illegally, given how much weed pro bball players smoke maybe he was just getting a stash together to generously hook his future teammates up with.

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