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Ginuwine Goes After Tyrese As TGT Breaks Up Sloppily

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The R&B supergroup TGT is no more.

Tyrese took to Instagram to announce the split. In his message, he suggests he and Tank, the other T, are moving on without Mr. G Ginuwine. As you can see below, Ginuwine clapped back hard, calling Tyrese a "lil boy."

#Tyrese announces that #TGT is officially over with & his former group mate #Ginuwine was not feeling the #PSA at all apparently!

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Then Tyrese suggested Ginuwine was ungrateful:

You reach out your hand....... Build people UP.... Put people ON.... Expose them to your blessed life and lifestyle..... They talk shit, year you down and spread your business to make themselves look BIGGER and more important that what they really are...... They get so consumed in YOUR life they start thinking they are YOU..... Ahahahahahaaaaa.... You cut them off and they fizzle away..... It's happened too many times for me NOT to speak on it... This is NOT just a celebrity thing... It's called LIFE...... I hate to break the news to you..:. But there's only one man named TYRESE GIBSON....... A real child of God who refuse to put up with anybody's BS!!! A photo posted by TYRESE (@tyrese) on

Tyrese and Ginuwine had long been good friends. In fact, Tyrese was best man when Ginuwine married fellow R&B star Sole in 2003.

The buddies formed TGT with Tank in 2007, and released one album, Three Kings, in 2013.

Hopefully they can work things out, at least on the personal level.

Update: According to TMZ's sources, it was Ginuwine who pulled on the plug on TGT -- right before they were to begin recording their second album. Tyrese made their business public in hopes of recruiting another member, and saving their record contract with Atlantic.

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