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Gillie Da Kid Tells Rappers To Stop Disrespecting Their Elders [VIDEO]

By Daryl Nelson

Gillie Da Kid has a message for the young people out there. Stop dissing older heads, because you sound really stupid.

"Let me give the young niggas out there some game," he said on IG. "I'm one of the old heads that supports the young niggas. I may not always agree with you niggas, but I support ya'll. Let me tell ya'll where ya'll go wrong at. When ya'll get mad at an old head or an OG and ya'll be like 'Fuck outta here, nigga. You old ass nigga. With your old ass.' That's a compliment. That's not an insult. Like you should be trying to live to see 39 and 40 and all that. I'm sorry I didn't get shot in my fucking head at 23 years old and die. Like that's my fault. I apologize that I get to see my kids go to high school to graduate. I'm gonna leave all that dying at an early age shit, I'm going to leave that up to ya'll."
Does Gillie, who's 33, have a point? Do young people sound stupid for dissing others for merely getting older? You can peep the Philly rapper's post below.

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