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Gilbert Arenas Bragged About Massive Strip Club Robbery On IG

By HHL Editors

Gilbert Arenas was an entertaining player, and is an entertaining person.

But he doesn't always come off as the sharpest tool in the shed.

Case in point: Hibachi recently  got on Instagram and told his 323,000 followers about the time he stole $80,000 from his friendly neighborhood strip club.


A spokesman for Amex has said they are looking into Arenas' claims, and we're sure various strip clubs are also checking their records.

Oddly, Arenas doesn't seem worried about it:

HahahahahahHahahahahahahahahaha I guess this is where Im suppose to say #myIGwashacked #NOTGONNADOIT hahaha the real #tomfoolery is #amex,STOP wasting everyones time pls....your policy is "if someone claims it wasnt them,you wouldnt have paid... what are u investgating again??? Amex would have stiffed the club after they #investigated this... sooooooo shouldnt I be investigated by the strip clubs NOT #AMEX since the clubs would be the losers in my story? and im the dummy lmaoooooo #wasteTHEYtime2016 should I call my lawyer #larryHparker?? #larryHparkerGOTMEfreelapdances hahahahaha complaining about some funky ass 1's lmaoooo

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Alright then ... For Agent Zero's sake he better be making this all up.

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