Gilbert Arenas Talks Nick Young 'Beef' & The Time They Fought Over Stripper

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Gilbert Arenas and Nick Young have been having some extreme fun with each other lately.

First Agent Zero invaded Young's home and upset his four year old, and then Swaggy P struck back with a photo of Gil's ex Laura Govan.

But don't call it a "beef."

Arenas addressed the situation between the two on Instagram, and then No Chill Gil shared a tale about the time they both wanted to bang the same stripper.

Does this say (BEEF)? I'm sorry but not all black people fight lmaoo I mean we did get in an argument once in Miami over who was gonna fuck that stripper from KOD's first lmaoooo we solved that with a quick #RockPaperScissors and @swaggyp1 went 3rd...some how @draylive came in second and that nigha wasn't even invited hahahaha #thegoodoledays #NickGotBullied #WizNation

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Sadly for Young he had to go third.

@dray;ive is Andray Blatche. Whatever happened to him? Last we heard he was the king of the Philippines or something.

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