Ghostface Killah Comes Back At Martin Shkreli With Comedy Video

By HHL Editors

A couple weeks ago Martin Shkreli hit Ghostface Killah with a very disrespectful video, which featured masked goons and an apology demand.

As time passed, we thought Ghost had just decided to ignore the pharma-douche, who owns the only copy of the Wu-Tang album Once Upon A Time INnShaolin.

That couldn't more wrong. Instead, Ghost was preparing a short film to strike back at Shkreli.

In the 11 minute clip, Ghost calls Shkreli a "fake super villain" and "the man with the 12 year old's body."

Then Ghost brings out his "goons" -- which include his mom and his sister.

It looks like both Ghost and Shkreli are having some fun with this odd beef.

Update: Shkreli strikes back

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