Ghanaian Soccer Star Calls Press Conference To Deny Ritually Killing Rapper


By far the craziest story in hip-hop today involves a couple of names most Americans have never heard before.

Asamoah Gyan is the captain of the Ghanaian national soccer team and the squad's all-time leading scorer. Castro is a popular rapper in the African nation.

Or, more preciously, was a popular rapper. In July, Castro, who's real name is Theophilus Tagoe, went on vacation with Gyan. During a water skiing excursion with his girlfriend, Castro (and his lady) disappeared and are now presumed dead.

It didn't take long for rumors to mount that Castro was ritually sacrificed by Gyan as part of a black magic ritual, either for financial gain or to help his soccer career. And you thought the Ray Rice's and Chris Brown's of the world had problems!

The sordid talk became so loud that Gyan was forced to call a press conference today and deny the voodoo killing of his friend.

"We have been silent while these wild allegations and rumours have been peddled in the media," Gyan said in a statement. "We have been silent not because we are concealing anything or that we do not feel the need to fully state what, from our reckoning, had happened in Ada. We have been silent because we did not want to interfere with police investigations. We have been totally dismayed by the fact that the platform was provided for the peddling of these wild and ludicrous allegations and rumours against us. Those to whom the platform was provided offered no evidence whatsoever to back their statements. And indeed, the allegation of spiritual sacrifice can by no stretch of the imagination be propped up. Now, we take the opportunity and state without the slightest doubt in our minds that we are not blamable for the disappearance of Castro and Janet Bandu. We had no hand in that occurrence. We have no moral or legal culpability whatsoever."
So there you go. Things are obviously a little crazy over in Ghana.

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