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"Get The Strap" Is Now Inspiring 50 Cent To Get Back In The Studio


2018 50 Cent is a social media personality. One who has possibly lucrative interests in things like television and booze, but a social media personality first and foremost.

That may be about to change. Fif's very social media success may soon bring him back to the thing that made him rich and famous 15 years ago.

The 42-year old recently jumped on IG and said that the success of his ubiquitous catchphrase "Get The Strap" has inspired him to get back into the studio.

"Check this shit out, 😏thank you if you have said get the strap. HipHop culture we run the world. This made me want to write again New music on the way.🤨get the strap," 50 Cent wrote under the Urban Dictionary definition of "Get The Strap.".

Do you think 50 still has it as a rapper?

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