Geraldo Defends Anti-Hip Hop Comments; Declares 'Nobody Can Out-Street Me'

By HHL Editors

Geraldo has doubled down on his opinion that Hip Hop is now a more destructive cultural force than racism.

The Fox News hot defended his remarks, which have drawn criticism from Russell Simmons and others, this morning on Roland Martin's News One talk show

"After a while you have to concede that the virtue being expressed here is a horrible, counterproductive, anti-social message that is holding back the success of people who should be picking up their pants, getting an education, and getting a job," Rivera declared at the beginning of the debate. "Tell me what is more violent than the economic violence of Wall Street against America?” Martin countered later. "When you suggest that hip-hop somehow has done more damage than racism… it's utter nonsense."
Geraldo goes on to argue that political correctness prevents folks from calling out Hip Hop as the terrible influence it is.

The entire debate is below. In it, Rivera triggers the censors by quoting Biggie. The 71-year old also declares "nobody can out-street me" because he grew up in lower Manhattan back when it used to be a pretty tough place.  That's right, if you see the mustache come you better run!

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