The Gay Community Doesn't Want Iggy Azalea Either

By HHL Editors

Iggy Azalea's bad year got worse a couple weeks ago when she canceled her entire Great Escape tour.

Iggy claimed it was because of a "creative change of heart", but everyone else is pretty sure it was a lack of ticket sales.

The Hip Hop world isn't feeling Iggy at all, and the pop world not so much. But given her somewhat drag queen style, one would think Iggy still has an appeal to certain elements of the gay community.

Apparently not. Azalea, who had been slated to perform at a Pittsburgh gay pride event on June 13th, was forced to cancel after it was discovered that she had Tweeted out the  slurs "dyke" and "homo" in the past.

Now that the gays have also turned her away, where do you think Iggy should turn?

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