Game's Camp Disputes Russell Simmons' Claim Of Truce With Meek Mill

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Yesterday, Russell Simmons announced that he had mediated a social media truce between The Game and Meek Mill. (Update: Go to the bottom of the post to hear Game cursing Meek in PA.)

Hot 97 interview. Airs tmrw . Happy to announce Game & Meek Mill have stoped posting and escalating their beef. Both are heroes to me and A list rappers. Scheduling a meeting w these 2 industry giants. Game and I recently attended rally's and meetings regarding police and community and I got to know Meek better on phone last night and he is now a real A list inspiration to me.

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While Meek and Game haven't explicitly attacked each other on social since then, this post of Game cheese steak stuntin in Meek's hometown of Philly with the hashtag #Ooooouuuuuu could certainly be considered a provocation.

Fuckin cheesesteak was fiyyaaaaa as fuhhhhh last night @genossteaks.... had a nigga out there like.... #Mmmm #Mmm #Mmm #Mm #SouthPhilly #Ooooouuuuuu A photo posted by The Game (@losangelesconfidential) on

Furthermore, TMZ spoke to Game's manager Wack 100, and he said there is no truce of any kind.

Wack says Simmons "must have discussed this in yoga classes with Meek," but he has no right to discuss Game's business. He says Russell did briefly speak to Game, but the rapper basically told the mogul to butt out ... in more colorful language, we're guessing.
On top of all of that, before Game took his trip to Philly he recorded a video for the the Meek diss 'Pest Control' in Brooklyn.

Crazy! In Bed-Stuy killing it @unclemurda @losangelesconfidential #game #unclemurda #Brooklyn #nyc #newyorkcity #pestcontrol #bedstuy #thegame

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Remember, Game got an album to sell.

Update: The Game popped up in a Philly club and got the crowd to say "Fuck Meek Mill."

Update 2: The club appearance was actually in nearby Reading PA.

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