The Game & Waka Flocka Are Taking Shots At Each Other On IG

By HHL Editors

Waka Flocka isn't really down with rappers trying to do "black peace treaties" when they can't stop the killings in their own hood.

He's also not down with rappers getting on social media and "showing their bodies and dick prints."

He made both of these points in Instagram videos earlier today.

Then Game, who is well known for both his dick print selfies and for trying to bring the gangs together for BLM, reacted to what he believed were subliminals directed at him.

Facts!!! Don't start this internet instigating...

A video posted by WAKA FLOCKA (@wakaflocka) on

Just not for the lame shit. i/we want action and truth!!!! A video posted by WAKA FLOCKA (@wakaflocka) on

Here is Game's response, in which he threatens Waka and also calls him out for both losing his girl Tammy and apparently catching herpes.

To whom it may concern: mi nah ramp wid di bumboclatt rap bwoy dem, 'specially wid a waste man dat wear dry up counterfeit locks & hav big lip like a one gyals swell up pomms dat di catch a herpes. But be'cuz mi juss a feel well & blessed today, mi a guh share some words of wisdom ... Stop catch up wid di bad mind people dem, take heed & recognize when Jah bless yuh wid a good 'ooman (Tammy). Swallow yuh pride and use all di goodness life has blessed you with to go and catch her back! Be'cuz truss when mi seh! Yuh nah whan di bad man tingz. My Yute, yuh nah whan dis yah... Back to da positive vibrations, may Jah Bless yuh on your journey. Man dem fi seh, BLACK LIVES MATTER!!!! Yah Dun Know!

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Next Waka claims he wasn't talking about Game in the first place.

Real is real #BigHomieFlock I want all the smoke when somebody light my blunt #YouThat I'm a grown ass 30year old man on social media amongst young-ins #No #InternetInstigating I said it once I'll say it twice I wasn't referring to nobody just talking some real nigga shit... #BigDawg A video posted by WAKA FLOCKA (@wakaflocka) on

What do you think? Was Waka possibly not speaking about Game?

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