The Game Says New York Hip Hop Is A Little Too Safe

By HHL Editors

There's hasn't been a really influential rapper from New York in a minute, whereas LA keeps pumping out the stars.

Compton emcee The Game thinks he knows why:

I think that the number one reason that LA Rap has flourished is because from the beginning, we never had filters," The Game says. "We never gave a fuck about what was politically correct." "Snoop taught the world how to Crip Walk," he continued. "I taught them how to Blood Bounce. We never gave a fuck who didn't like it. New York is of course the Mecca of Hip Hop, but you guys were a little too safe."
This isn't necessarily The Game saying controversial things to promote his album, as he often does. In fact, the 35-year old seems to have nothing but respect for New York's giant role in Hip Hop's mythology.

Do agree with Game that New York's slipping because it plays it too safe?

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