The Game Says He's Probably Going To Serve Jail Time

By HHL Editors

The Game has a bunch of lawsuits against him right now, of varying merits.

The most serious one stems from punching an off-duty police officer during a pick up bball game earlier this year. The cop is suing Game for $12 million and and the 35-year old also faces felony charges for his fists and his threats.

Charges Game thinks will ultimately  land him in prison.

"I’ll probably end up going to jail for the shit that I’ve been doing recently and I’m gonna have to sit down," Game tells HipHopDX. “Other niggas gonna be out still on the internet pretending to be whatever it is they pretending and I’m gonna be sitting down drinking juice boxes and shit and eating nasty sandwiches because I had to prove to a nigga that I was Game. So I’m just gonna be Game. I ain’t doing shit to niggas no more because they call the police and they sue niggas ... The only thing that sort of concerns me is being absent from children for a second. I don’t like the idea of that. But you gotta do what you gotta do as a man."
Elsewhere in the long interview, Game answers the question we've all been wondering: Why did he respond so enthusiastically to troll rapper Stitches's provocations?

"Because he mentioned my kids. I didn’t like that, man," he explained.  "It never ceases to amaze me. Do niggas think that Game is some bitch-ass nigga or something like I won’t beat your ass or something?"
The Game's looking at up to three years in the cop punching incident. So he should probably keep his beef with Stitches on wax and the web for the time being.

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