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The Game Is Quick To Defend Old Man Dre On Instagram

By HHL Editors

Dr. Dre is getting old. It happens, if you're lucky.

But he still has a new hit album, and he still has his buddy Game to defend him anytime somebody jumps on the Internet and points out that "Mr. N.W.A." is looking a little long in the tooth.

Dr. Dre old

How do you think Dre is looking these days? Watch out what you say, because Game is liable to jump in here and take you down a notch.

#StraightOuttaCompton movie premiere last night with mentor, big bro & childhood hero @DrDre...... Proud night for #Compton #LosAngeles & the world..... Next up #TheDocumentary2 #HistoryRepeatsItself [photo credit: @ReiDantes] #WinnersCircle

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