The Game Offers Passionate Defense Of Kylie Jenner's Cornrows

By HHL Editors

The Game was a guest on Larry Wilmore's Comedy Central Show, and the topic was cultural appropriation.

Wilmore brought up Kylie Jenner and her flirtation with cornrows, and Game said that anyone who has a problem with that has a problem.

"Personally, I think that it's really ignorant when people get mad because someone cornrows their hair,"Game explained. "They saw a hairstyle, they liked it. Who cares who wore it first... I don't understand that."
The Game also spoke on white people (and Mexicans) using the n-word. Game says it's become so ubiquitous that you can't expect non-black people not to use it.

I think when I was ten, it would have offended me. But these days, everybody's kinda, you know," he said.
But Game does draw the racial line at emojis.

"Don't use the black emoji against me," he said, smiling, of white folks on social media. "That's offensive." "I'm very specific about finding my shade. My shade is like two shades away from the Akon one," he explained.
Check out the segment below:

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