The Game Fires More Shots At Young Thug

By HHL Editors

When The Game and Young Thug fought their social media war back in May, third parties intervened and calmed things down.

There has been no such mediation in their latest squabble, and Game keeps going in.

Last week, the Compton emcee hit Thug with this freestyle verse: "Since I was 10 years old, I was a young Blood/ These days y’all niggas got Young Thug/Y’all favorite rappers wear skirts/My favorite rappers used to put motherfuckers in a hearse."

This week, Game took another shot at Thugger after being baited on Big Boy TV.

During the Hat of Forbidden Questions segment, Game was asked to make fictional group of the three wackiest emcees. "The lead singer is Young Thug. For sure," he said.

Then he made that pick stand up by refusing to name any other wack emcees.

While Game showed a lot of restraint when he didn't further appease troll rapper Stitches by putting him in the wack mix, is the 35-year old's constant Young Thug hate appropriate for a rapper of his age and stature? The Thug talk starts about the 12 minute mark.

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