The Game Faces NYPD Arrest For Threatening D.J. Star

By HHL Editors

The Game really stirred the pot during his Breakfast Club interview last week.

He angered Young Thug for sneak dissin', Lil Durk for outright dissin' and now he has the NYPD on his case for comments he made about controversial shock jock D.J. Star. 

During the now notorious interview, Game revealed that he threatened Star when the DJ was feuding with one of Game's boys, DJ Envy.

"I told him, ‘I’ll break your jaw, dude.' Envy is my dog. I’m still gonna break his jaw when I see him," Game said on air.
Star reported the threat to the police, who will now be talking to Game the next time he comes into New York.

Additionally, Star says Envy's not the reason Game is pissed it at him.

"I passed on letting Game come on my show, and that’s what Game’s tight about. The fact the hater, Star, rejected him….I just felt the Game was a fucking hothead," the radio host wrote on his blog.
In 2006, Star was arrested for threatening to sexually assault Envy's four year old daughter. So reaching out to the police here may be Star's way of saying turnabout-is-fair-play.

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