The Game Explains His Lupe Fiasco 'Weird' Diss

By HHL Editors

The Game hasn't just been going at upstart like Young Thug and Stitches lately.

He also took an unprovoked shot at veteran Lupe Fiasco on The Documentary 2 track  'Dollar & A Dream' rapping, "I put it on ya head I ain't talkin' no toupee/ see I stayed the same, ain’t go weird like Lupe."

Lupe took it in stride and humor, directing the Radiohead song 'Creep' to Game on Twitter.

Game recently " target="_blank">explained the Lupe diss to Lefty Martinez, and we're not sure the explanation is going to make it better.

"He is fucking weird," Game said. "Personally, on the Lupe front, maybe I might be lost now or maybe Lupe is just evolving and Game can’t see it," he continued. "I miss the old Lupe records when it was about Chi-Town and it was hood and maybe I’m being what I’m telling other people not to be. But that’s just being a fan of music. Some people evolve and you are able to embrace it. And other people evolve and you get mad. That’s why when some people might be like, 'Game, you changed' or 'I like the Old Game,' you might be what I’m being when I say I like the old Lupe. It's just ... at the end of the day it's being a Hip Hop fan and being critical and wanting the music that you want."
Do you agree with Game about the old Lupe being less weird and better?

 Update: Lupe keeps it weird in response:

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