The Game Explains His Issues With Young Thug & Why He Can't Stop Beefing

By HHL Editors

The Game may be as well known for his beefing as he is his music. Which is pretty impressive, since the 35-year old has quite a good catalog.

In a new interview with Billboard mag, Game explained why he's always beefing.

"I think sober me don't, but the drunk me has beef with everybody, Game explained. "People got to be careful when The Game says something. People think twice because it’s a plethora of bullshit coming when it’s a beef with me. People know that at this point and chill. Not to say I’m a bully -- I’m just good at what I do."
Then he broke down why he went after Young Thug -- which he says has everything to do with Thugger's issues with Lil Wayne.

If you had a friend and somebody was f---ing with your friend and you didn’t help, then are you really a friend? I’m more vocal than Wayne is as far as beefs are concerned. I stepped in and said what I had to say in defense of a longtime friend. It’s good not to ever have a beef with anybody, but I’m not the one that starts beefs. I’m just the guy that once it’s on, it’s on. I’m not really tolerating any type of disrespect to me, my children or my friends. At the end of the day, that’s all you really have.
Then, for good measure, he took a shot at Donald Trump.

I never liked him. I’m not white, so I wouldn’t be proud of Trump. He also wouldn’t be the first white president. Obama is the first black president, and that was a historic moment. But I don’t think Donald Trump is going to win. If he wins the presidency, we are fucked.
Should The Game lay off of the booze?


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