The Game Is Concerned About Slim Jesus's Longevity In Life

By HHL Editors

The Game just stopped by Complex's offices to promote his upcoming album The Documentary 2.

During the interview, the topic of viral sensation Slim Jesus was reluctantly brought up. Game proved more than eager to comment:

"I think that Slim Jesus either really be fucking killing, or he's going to get his ass smoked. I worry about kids these days, rapping about things that they're not really about. I mean it's cool, it's dope, I saw Slim Jesus I thought he was cool ..." Game continued. "Then I seen the other shit when he was like, I don't really do this. It's too late. You got people who really doing it that are offended. "It's sad, lives can be lost when playing those games. Be careful Slim Jesus.
So what did we learn here? 1) The Game is worried about Slim Jesus's ability to stay alive. 2) Slim Jesus just may be featured onĀ The Documentary 2's second disc.

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