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The Game Clowns Plies's Forehead On Instagram

By HHL Editors

The Game wants everybody to know he doesn't have any beef with Plies.

But Game got hold of a photo of the diminutive emcee without his fitted hat and just couldn't resist the urge to make dozens of Instagram jokes about the size of Plies's forehead.

He also warned that Kevin Hart, Jamie Foxx, Joe Budden, Tyrese, Ne-Yo, Bow Wow, and Flo Rida will soon be victims of what Game is calling "rap comedy". Buckle up.

Now you got rap beef... & then you just got rap comedy.. The difference is.. This shit ain't personal but some shit is too funny to let slide so my nigga @Plies... I fux wit ya, ya #SweetPussySaturday videos n all that funny.... But yo ass bout to get it & it begins this pic nigga..... Yo #FoHeadGoinUpOnnaTuesday... #SweetFoheadSaturday havin ass nigga... Nigga yo fo'head so gat damn BIG you can fit another face on that mothafucka... Kirk Franklin face wit Stevie Wonder fo'head havin ass nigga.. Fo'head so damn BIG dat hoe need to be represented by a Real Estate agent... Nigga is yo hairline smilin' at me ??? Nigga yo fo'head make Lebron hella confident... Nigga yo fo'head make yo eyebrows look like a single eyelash.. Ole' extendo fo'head havin ass... What you thinkin bout nigga ??? Ole read a nigga mind from a 100 feet away fo'head havin ass nigga... No wonder you got every fuckin hat in the world.... Take two different barbers to line that bullshit up don't it.... Don't lie nigga... Ole' face down here havin ass nigga.. Nigga yo fo'head taller than my kids... You could build a fuckin White Castle, 2 wings tops & 5 waffle houses on yo fuckin fo'head nigga.... I could write "Bih" on yo fo'head 100 times as standards nigga..... Fuck a C section.. They had to give yo mama a Z section to get yo big head ass out .... Ya football helmet head havin ass nigga you.. I fuckin hate yo fo'head... All them got damn thoughts.. Low key mad at God.. Like why this nigga get to think more than me ??? Ole' excuse me I can't see the movie screen head havin ass nigga...... You prolly spent the 1st 12 years of yo life tryna balance that BIG mothafucka.... Let me host a party on yo head nigga.... N I never met you in real life but me & yo fo'head went to school together... TO BE CONTINUED.. & @kevinhart4real @iamjamiefoxx @joebudden @tyrese @neyo @shadmoss & @official_flo yall my niggas but I'm coming for you & a few others....... #DontTakeItPersonal #ImDrunkBut #ItsTooLate #YouWereBornAndNowItsTimeToPay

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