G-Eazy & Machine Gun Kelly Take Rapid Fire Lyrical Shots At Each Other Over Halsey


G-Eazy and Machine Gun Kelly are full on fighting over Halsey.

Young Gerald has been dating the singer on-and-off for some time and there were reports she was sniffing around MGK during one of their breaks.

Earlier this month, MGK called out Eazy on Twitter for dying his hair blond and looking more like MGK than he used to.

The Ohio spitter reiterated that charge last night during a Funk Flex freestyle. 

"Let's just keep it G/ Only Eazy I fuck with is E/ I seen he's dyed his hair and got a hanging earring/ I fucked his girl now he look like me/ This shit overbearing/ How dare him, I dare him/ Don't think about comparin'/ Now turn that frat rap off/ I'm gettin' sick of hearin'."

It only took G-Eazy a few hours to fire back with the track 'Bad Boy.'

“Your shots just graze me, I’m standing, they put a hole in me, I answer to no one, nobody can get control of me, MGK please stop trolling me, get over me.

You wanna be me, you’re mad that you’re not as big as me, I’m everywhere, I’m your nightmare, you can’t get rid of me. Call an Uber, turn on the radio, imagine hearing me.

“Him & I”‘s on, you’re listening to Halsey sing of me, Can’t fuckk with nobody with so much negative energy.”

It seems about right that two of the more prominent white rappers in the game would be fighting about dyed blond hair on the day Eminem just came back, as combative as ever.

Speaking of which, Em had some nasty bars for MGK on his Kamikaze track "Not Alike."

“But next time you don’t gotta use Tech N9ne. If you wanna come at me with a sub-machine gun.
And I’m talkin’ to you, but you already know who the fuck you are, Kelly.
I don’t use sublims and sure as fuck don’t sneak-diss
But keep commentin’ on my daughter Hailie.”

Eminem's been pissed at MGK ever since a 2012 Tweet in which the then 21-year old Kelly said the then-16-year-old Hailie was hot.

Now he's part of a two-front lyrical war against MGK. Do you think Kelly can take the heat?


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