Future Settles Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit With Rocko


Last year, Rokco sued Future for $10 million for breaching their contract.

Rocko claims he discovered Future, and then signed him to a six-album deal with his label, A1 Recordings.

Epic was set to distribute the albums.  But Rocko said Future cut a side deal with Epic that gave him big advances and cut Rocko out of the action.

In the lawsuit, Rocko demanded 25 percent on those advances, plus 20 percent of all of Future's earnings on touring and merchandise, for a total of  $10 million.

After 18-months of litigation, both sides are asking that the case is dismissed. Rocko's lawyer told TMZ it's because they've settled and that it was "very succesful result" for Rocko.

Although the lawyer wouldn't give an exact number, it's said to be at least seven figures.

Future had countersued Rocko over the claims. We assume that suit has been dismissed as well.

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