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Future Roasted On Social Media For Giving Strange Comment On Parenthood

By Daryl Nelson

Future is being severely clowned on social media for saying that his kids need to make a sacrifice because he's a superstar.

"You gotta leave town and miss out on certain things that you feel like you should be there," he said in an interview with Zane Lowe.. "Like, your dad should be a part of this moment. I gotta be like 'Damn, man, your daddy really a superstar and entertainer.' My kids gotta understand. They gotta make a sacrifice having a superstar dad."
Future then admitted that he's not trying to be the best father in the world but simply a good provider.

“My career choice is my career choice,” he stated. “Just stepping out of that zone, to be able to be a provider. I understand my position as a provider and my role as a dad … Just being able to be comfortable with it. Everybody wanna be a super-dad and the best dad ever but sometimes, I’m just realizing that I’m not perfect.”
Afterwards, folks had a field day with their Twitter comments and opinions.

What do you think of Future's views on parenthood?

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