Future Reveals The Keys To Happiness

By HHL Editors

DJ Khaled's made himself a near household name by flooding social media with his keys to success.

Success is all fine and good, but what about happiness?

Future has that covered. In an interview with France's CliqueTV he revealed the keys to happiness.

"When you start living life the way you want, you're way way more happy, your energy way better. When you wake up, you're feeling happy about certain things, certain things that made you mad, you don't even let them effect you any more."
He also addressed how he stays chill on social media.

"I deal with what anything I can control, anything I can change," Future explaiend. "I'm not trying to deal with social media; I can't control what's going on on the internet... If I can't control it, then I don't worry about it."
Additionally, Future revealed that he wanted to be a doctor when he was a kid. We're thinking it may have been for the meds ...

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