Funk Volume CEO Damien Ritter Responds To Hopsin Diss Track

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Hopsin just went in on Funk Volume CEO and his ex-business partner Damien Ritter in the blistering diss track 'ILL Mind of Hopsin 8'.

Ritter did a Spreecast in response last night, and detailed the problems that lead to Hop leaving Funk Volume in January.

According to Ritter, everything was going well between him and Hop until last year. But then he made comments about Hop being lazy. By "lazy" he didn't mean Hopsin wasn't putting his all into his music. Instead he meant that he didn't spend enough time on promos, press and meet and greets. According to Ritter, Hop works about 20 percent as hard as the most successful artists.

Once Ritter questioned Hop's work ethic, everything started going downhill. Hop revealed he had problems with Funk Volume's deal with Warner Bros, with Ritter's brother SwizZz's role in FV and with Ritter managing other artists. When those issues couldn't be resolved, Ritter figured that a break up was coming.

As for the 'ILL Mind of Hopsin 8' ...

“It’s a dope song,” Ritter says. "A lot of people said I got bodied. I’m not a rapper, so that doesn’t mean anything to me. It’s like if you don’t play basketball and I kill you in basketball, I’m not going to celebrate that.” “I don’t wish any harm or anything over Hop,” Ritter continued. "I hope he does well.”
You can check out the chat below.

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Check out Dame Addresses FV's Breakup & Ill Mind 8 on Spreecast.

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