Freekey Zekey Strong Armed Old Lady Over Charity Appearance


Freekey Zekey is being accused of some pretty nasty stuff.

Tamara Charles hired the Diplomat to host and perform at a charity gala in Melrose, Massachusets in support of survivors of domestic violence. 

He was to be paid $3200 with half upfront.

According to Charles, Freekey showed up late, drunk and in messy attire. He only took the mic for ten minutes and spent most of the night chatting with his co-host JuJu.

At the end of the night, Charles informed Freekey that she could only pay him $500 of the remaining $1600 because he more or less reneged on his deal. Freekey wasn't having that.

“He grabbed my arm, and he said ‘We need to talk business,'” Charles told BOSSIP. Charles said she went outside with Zekey so as not to make a scene at the event. She told him that it wasn’t fair for him to get the entire booking fee because he didn’t show up until the gala was nearly over.

Next Freekey turned his attention to Charles's 60-something mom. He and his crew followed the senior citizen home, took her debit card from her and made her withdraw $1000.

He also took Charles's phone from her. She had to go to New York to get it back.  When she did he had erased everything from it.

Multiple guests at the event confirmed Charles's account to Bossip.

Charles has been trying to contact Freekey and work things out. But all of her texts are met with dismissive remarks like "love is love" or "have blessed day."

She added that she's afraid to go the police because Freekey knows where her parents live.

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