Freekey Zekey Explains Why Dame Dash Slapped Harvey Weinstein


On the new Dipset track "Once Upon A Time" Cam rapped about the time Dame Dash slapped notorious sexual predator and movie exec Harvey Weinstein.

Cam implies Dame did it because Harvey was disrespecting ladies. 

No disrespectin' the ladies, word from my team (why)
That's the reason Dame smacked Harvey Weinstein (pervert)

But it turns out that has nothing do with it.

Diplomat Freekey Zekey explained what went down during an interview with MTV News.

It was on the set of Paid In Full, which was produced by Dame's Roc-a-Fella and distributed by Weinstein's Miramax. 

"The muthafucka was talking stupid shit," Freekey said of Weinstein, "and Dame said, 'Stop talking the stupid shit' and he said one more stupid shit and then he got slapped. The End."

Freekey then elaborated by revealing that Weinstein pissed Dame off by butting in with suggestions about what to do with Cam'ron and Wood Harris's characters, which were based on real life drug dealers Alberto "Alpo" Martinez and Rich Porter.

 "[Weinstein] tried to tell Dame he didn't know what he was doing. He tried to tell Dame about a situation with Po and Rich. He was like, 'Nah I think we should do it in this form and fashion."

You can hear Freekey Zekey tell the story below. Juelz Santana is with him and he apparently doesn't read papers or get on the Internet because he has no idea who Harvey Weinstein is.

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