Freddie Gibbs Threatens Jeezy [VIDEO]

By Daryl Nelson

Freddie Gibbs stopped by Viceland's Desus & Mero and said he'd put hands on Jeezy if he ever saw him again.

"Ain't no beef, man," said Gibbs laughing."It's gotta be beef when there's two real motherfuckers in the equation. When there's one motherfucker, it's just like pshh. Pussy ass nigga. I'll whoop your ass, nigga. Fuck with me. Fuck Jeezy. Bitch ass nigga ... And when that nigga come on here, ask him about me. He gonna be like 'Aw, nah.' That nigga seen me after all this shit. He was in the section right next to me. [He] couldn't even enjoy himself."
With all of the daily rap beefs, it might be hard to remember why Gibbs and Jeezy had a problem in the first place. It all had to do with Gangster Gibbs being signed to Jeezy's CTE label and things not working out.

"When the whole ordeal was going on, I was more disappointed than anything," Jeezy told Hot 97 in 2014. "I messed up a lot of relationships, even with Eminem, just by me putting Gibbs on the record that was for me and trying to convince Em to do the record and the record leaking in the processes. That burned a great bridge for me ... Me putting [Gibbs] on the song with T.I., putting him on three or four of my mixtapes and me paying for videos that he didn't use because when he showed up to the set too late for them to shoot, and it's all my money."
You can watch Gibbs's full interview on Desus & Mero below. He talks Jeezy at about the 12 minute mark.

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