Freddie Gibbs Says He Had To Build His Name Back Up After Sexual Assault Case

By Daryl Nelson

In 2016, Freddie Gibbs was arrested on sexual assault charges for an incident that took place in Vienna, Austria.  He was acquitted a few months later. 

In a new interview with Ebro Darden’s Beats 1 radio show, Gibbs said after the acquittal he had to restore his name.

"When I came out of that situation I had to build my name back up,” he explained. “I feel like I just had to explain myself. ‘Cause it’s a lot of cats that get into those situations and they don’t speak on it; they don’t meet it head on because they’re actually guilty and they feel like they got something to hide."

The rapper also said he wants to help those who've been falsely accused of sexual assault.

"We’re in a time, with all this #MeToo stuff, there’s a lot of guys getting tapped," he said. “I feel like right now I got to be an advocate for those people that’s falsely accused, as well as the victims that are afraid to speak. I got a child, I got a daughter and God forbid anybody do anything to her."

What do you think about the #MeToo movement and the different celebrities it's taken down?

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