Frank Ocean Can't Officially Change His Name To Frank Ocean Because He's A Bad Driver

By HHL Editors

Frank Ocean was born Christopher Edwin Breaux. But in 2010 he changed his name to Christopher Francis Ocean on a website called LegalZoom. "It was the most empowering shit I did in 2010, for sure. I went on LegalZoom and changed my fucking name," he told Complex in 2011. Or so he thought,

The Odd Future crooner either didn't follow through with the process, or LegalZoom isn't what they say it is, because back on March 7 of this year he again applied to change his name from Christopher Edwin Breaux to Frank Ocean. However, he just learned recently that his application was denied. The reason? He's a bad driver.

The LA judge who shot down the name change cited three tickets Ocean received; the first for expired insurance in June, the next for driving without a headlight in July and finally for going 31 MPH over the speed limit in August. Too make matters worse Ocean skipped some of his court dates for the violations and got his licence suspended.

Now the judge has sentenced him to officially being Christopher Edwin Breaux until he cleans up his driving record, and then starts the process again.


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