Floyd Mayweather Says He Used Paulie Malignaggi To Spy On Conor McGregor

By HHL Editors

Was all the Paulie Malignaggi-Conor McGregor nonsense just a big set up courtesy of Floyd Mayweather?

Money claimed it was yesterday.

Malignaggi, who's working Saturday's Mayweather-McGregor fight for Showtime, was at Floyd's final workout, and the two appeared in a video in which they explain how Malignaggi sparred with Conor just so he could spy on him for Mayweather.

As Floyd reveals how he told Paulie to go to Conor's camp and get info, Malignaggi repeats the word "suckers."

Paulie ended up quitting Mcgregor's camp after he claimed Conor’s peeps released deceptive photos and videos of McGregor knocking him down.

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Do you think the whole thing Paulie-Connor thing really was a big set up?

And, if so, do you think the info Paulie brings back will be useful to Money?

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