Floyd Mayweather May Or May Not Pay Suge Knight's Bail If He Wins

By HHL Editors

Nobody's going to cheering louder for Floyd Mayweather Saturday night than Suge Knight.

Granted, they're probably not going to show him the fight in jail. But Knight believes if Mayweather remains undefeated he'll be getting out of jail.

Knight's lawyer Matthew Fletcher told the press this morning that Mayweather is planning on paying Knight's $10 million bond if Money beats Manny Pacquiao.

"My understanding is that Suge is going to be bailed out this coming week," Fletcher told the Daily News outside court. "We think Mr. Mayweather is going to win the championship ... They're good friends, and there's no reason he shouldn't. And we believe that will happen."
However, about an hour ago, a member of Floyd's Money Team told TMZ that Mayweather does not plan on posting the bail.

When confronted with this info, Fletcher reiterated  that he was told by Knight's family that a victorious Mayweather would cover the bond.

So we'll see what happens if Mayweather wins.

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