Floyd Mayweather Hasn't Cashed His Checks From McGregor Or Pacquaio

By HHL Editors

Floyd Mayweather made around $300 million for fighting Conor McGregor. And he didn't have to work very hard.

He also made about that when he fought Manny Pacquaio in 2015.

TMZ caught up with Floyd last night.  During their chat, Money made it clear they would be the last two big paydays of his boxing career because he is done boxing.

I'm not coming out of retirement, I'm retired. I'm an old man," the 40-year old said. "I just look young because I take care of my body. Your health is your wealth."
Speaking of wealth, Floyd told the cameras he's so rich that he hasn't even cashed his checks for the McGregor or Pacquaio fight, and said that he would post them on social media today to prove it.

He also specifically said he wouldn't be coming out of retirement to fight Gennady Golovkin, which would be another enormous payday.

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See Money speak below:

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