Florida Rappers Kill Man So They Can 'Flash Cash' At Concert & In Video

By HHL Editors

Joseph Edward Brandon (aka Waxx), Jonathan Felix (aka Killa), and Dylan Kindred (aka DK) wanted to put together a rap trio.

But the Winter Haven, Florida men didn't have enough cash to flash in their videos and at their concerts.

Kindred told the other two men that  Tyler Macklin -- a weed dealer he knew -- would be an "easy lick" for "flash cash."

Kindred waited in the car as Brandon and Felix kicked down Macklin's door and then killed him for about 300 bucks.

That money was flashed at a show one the men did the next day.

But it would never make it into the video. Kindred got cold feet, and snitched on the two killers.

Brandon and Felix are being charged with first-degree murder, armed robbery, armed burglary and conspiracy. Kindred is being charged with conspiracy to commit armed robbery, but could face more charges.


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