Florida Cop Allegedly Pulls Over Man For Playing 'Fuck The Police'

By HHL Editors

Harold GarzonNWA's 'Fuck The Police' is the last song you want to be playing when you pull up next to a cop at a red light.

But that's exactly what was blasting from Cesar Baldelomar's stereo when he stopped alongside Hialeah, Fl. police officer Harold Garzon, who was out of his car and filling out paperwork from a previous traffic incident.

But instead of just exchanging uncomfortable glances, Garzon tried to make a crime out of Baldelomar's music choice.

"Really?" Garzon allegedly said through Baldelomar's open car window. "You're really playing that song? Pull over."

According to Baldelomar, Garzon then ticketed him for illegally playing loud music within 25 feet of another person. Baldelomar, a 26-year old Harvard grad and current law student, knew Garzon couldn't do that, and called him out for his made up law. So instead Garzon wrote tickets for not having insurance, having out of state plates and not wearing a seatbelt.

Baldelomar claims he was wearing his seatbelt and is a Massachusetts resident, thus the out of state plates. He didn't sign the tickets and plans to contest them.

"I'm educated. I know my rights. And I speak English, so I can fight this. But what about when this happens to someone who's not so lucky? Policing has to change in this country," Baldelomar told Miami New Times.

Of course this is just a case of he-said, he-said, and Garzon may have a completely different explanation of the encounter. However, when the New Times asked the Hialeah PD for a comment they declined. It's also notable that Officer Garzon has been the subject of 16 internal affairs investigations during his 17 years on the force.

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