First Week Sales Projections For Lupe Fiasco & Joey Bada$$

By Sermon

Joey Bada$$ is expected to top Lupe Fiasco in first week album sales.

According to HDDB4.DA.$$ is slated to do 50-55K (55-60K with streams) in its debut week. Given they're on an independent label, this is a big number for Joey and his team. It's testament to his loyal fanbase, and we're also thinking the whole Malia Obama Instagram controversy gave Bada$$ a bit of a bump.

Lupe Fiasco is on a major record label. His unhappiness with Atlantic is known far and wide. Perhaps that's why Lupe was almost going out of his way to tell people not to buy his album. Anyway, despite good reviews, Tetsuo & Youth is only set to move 30-35K (35-40K including streams) in its first seven days.

The big music industry debut this week also has a Hip Hop connection. Fall Out Boys' American Beauty/American Psycho is projected for 200k in first week sales, and this summer the punk-pop band will be co-headlining the Boys Of Zummer tour with Wiz Khalifa.

If you've heard Tetsuo & Youth and/or B4.DA.$$ let us know your thoughts.

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