Fetty Wap's Self-Titled Album Track List

By Sermon

Are you excited for Fetty Wap's debut album on September 25? It's hard to ignore his chart-topping dominance over the last few months, and it doesn't seem like that's going away with the release of his album.

Unfortunately, if you're a huge fan of Fetty's, the track listing might be a bit disappointing to you. With the exception of four songs, we've heard versions of the tracks before. (Most records are on his _fetty" target="_blank">Soundcloud.) We'll find out in a couple weeks if this approach has any effect on his album sales.

1. Trap Queen 2. How We Do Things (Feat. Monty) 3. 679 (Feat. Monty) 4. Jugg (Feat. Monty) 5. Trap Luv 6. I Wonder 7. Again 8. My Way (Feat. Monty) 9. Time (Feat. Monty) 10. Boomin 11. RGF Island 12. D.A.M. 13. No Days Off (Feat. Monty) 14. Im Straight 15. Couple Bands 16. Rock My Chain (Feat. M80) 17. Rewind (Feat. Monty)

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