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Fetty Wap Says He's Deleting His Life Because He Finally Met Gucci Mane

By HHL Editors

Fetty Wap was among the long list of artists who played Gucci Mane's Homecoming Show in Atlanta on Friday.

Gucci is Fetty's favorite rapper. But since the one-eyed spitter came to fame when Guwop was locked up, he'd never met his hero.

After he did on Friday, he declared his life had been complete.

"Yesterday I met Gucci Mane ... My life is fucking finished. Life goals. I'm done," he said. "I'm super fucking rich. I made more than five million dollars. I met Guwop. I got all my I fucking dream cars. I fucking quit. I'm deleting everything, fuck Twitter and Instagram, Snapchat. There's no more Fetty Wap, man. It's over. Squaawww!!"
Wouldn't it be sad if Fetty really did delete himself only to learn he'd met clone Gucci.