Fetty Wap Flexes Money & Jewelry After Robbery [VIDEO]

By HHL Editors

fetty-cashFetty Wap lost $450,000 in jewelry and thousands in cash when he was violently robbed in his hometown of Paterson, New Jersey over the weekend. Afterward, his stolen 1738 gold chain was mockingly displayed all over social media.

But Fetty was still feeling confident enough to display more gold and more cash to TMZ's cameraman last night.

Perhaps he was showing no fear because he was all the way across the country in West Hollywood, and was rolling with a very deep crew.

TMZ asked Fetty if he planned to get back at his hometown rival Raheem “Fuzz” Thomas, whom police just charged with snatching his chain. (Fuzz had already been charged with assault and gun possession.)

Fetty had no comment, and is letting his bling do the talking.

Is that wise?

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