Fetty Wap Doesn't Call His Music Hip Hop

By HHL Editors

Fetty Wap's being winning lately, and he discussed his crazy new life with Power 105's Angie Martinez.

Beyond the inevitable explanation about the missing eye, he made some rather interesting remarks about Hip Hop and where he thinks he fits in the genre.

"I just make music that I think people would like to hear," Fetty, who's been rapping for about two years, said to Martinez. "I don’t necessarily call my music Hip Hop, I just call it Fetty Wap. I’m a melody person. ... I make melodies and add flavor to it."
Wap also conceded he's not necessarily a big fan of Hip Hop, which he says annoys people. He does enjoy Southern trap music  -- which the Patterson, New Jersey native got a taste of while visiting family down South during summer. But he doesn't know much rap beyond that.

"I didn't listen to no up north rappers," he told Martinez. "I didn’t listen to nobody. My cousins up here, they listen to Jay Z. Of course I know who Jay Z is or Nas. But if you ask me can you recite them? I can’t recite them."
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