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Fetty Wap's Stolen Chain Appears On Instagram; Rival Arrested For Shootout

By Daryl Nelson

Yesterday, we shared news that Fetty Wap was involved in a shooting in his hometown of Paterson N.J., and he was also robbed.

A bit after, a masked man posted a photo of himself wearing a chain that seemed to belong to the rapper, and he gave a few details of what happened. According to the man, he wasn't the one who actually swiped the necklace, he just took a photo with it like other people in his crew did.


Bruh... I've gotten like 15 + diff pics with ppl posing with a "fetty wap" chain just tonight alone...allegedly after a altercation his chain is now on tour in the hood. Pray for its safe return or hope someone is passing around a replica

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The guy also said that he doesn't have a personal problem with Fetty, and the rapper was just someone who got in the way.

Update: TMZ reports the man in the video, Raheem Thomas, has been arrested and booked for gun charges (but not burglary) in the shootout that followed Fetty having his chain snatched. They say Thomas and Fetty have had a 'deep rooted' beef over music deals for years, and that Thomas' crew had told Fetty to stay out of his own hometown of Paterson, where the incident took place.

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